April 28, 2021
Facebook Messenger group calling

It’s Now Possible to Add More People to a Voice, Video Call with Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger group calling just removed a once necessary but quite inconvenient step, giving users a more seamless experience…

Facebook Messenger group calling is a great way to chat with family and friends. Unfortunately, if it involves more than two people, starting a group conversation required a few, interruptive, additional steps. Now, that extra effort is no longer needed to enjoy group voice and video calls.

Facebook Messenger Group Calling for Voice, Video Improved

The latest version of Facebook Messenger for Android and iOS now lets people join in others without having to hang up first. Previously, if a user chatted with someone else, adding another person to the conversation meant having to end one call and start another. So, it required not only ending an in-progress call, but also, having to create a new group or search for a past group call to dial into a new conversation.

Now, that’s a thing of the past. With the update, there’s a new “add person” icon that appears when tapping the screen of an in-progress call. After a group voice or video call ends, everyone in that group remains part of it for future use.

Facebook first introduced group voice and video calls in 2016. At the time, it was the first to offer such a feature in the West. (WeChat, the most popular in China, debuted in 2015.) 

Albeit a small improvement, it sets Messenger up to more realistically challenge other services which already support such a seamless experience.

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