August 5, 2022
Facebook Messenger Instant Video

Facebook Messenger Instant Video Debuts

Facebook Messenger Instant Video now works inside the social media giant’s own app, giving users wider access to the feature to meet growing popularity …

Social media giant Facebook just integrated a new feature into its Messenger service, Instant Video. The move is to meet the growing popularity of video chat. When users are communicating via text, some circumstances require video to capture the moment. The video calling feature is available on Android and iOS and acts similarly to Snapchat.

“We know that every message is unique and personal to you and the person you’re chatting with — so today, we’re excited to launch Instant Video, letting you to put a smile on the faces of those people who matter most in your life,” the company wrote on its official blog.

Facebook Messenger Instant Video Debuts

Facebook Messenger is a diverse platform, allowing users to message, text, share images, send and receive money, video chat, and much more. This addition is ideal when users are communicating from different locations. It allows users to see each others’ surroundings, perfect when deciding on a particular item when shopping. Facebook Messenger Instant Video appears in the upper right corner and activated simply by tapping on the video camera icon. As a courtesy feature, sound is automatically muted when video chat activates but can easily be toggled on.

Facebook recently made other changes. The company now factors brand website load time into which business’ ads display to users. In addition, the social media platform enhanced its automated A.I. for Trending Topics, removing most of the employees from the editing team.

Users should see Facebook Messenger Instant Video on their devices. If it isn’t present, just update the app and the video calling feature will appear.

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