April 8, 2021
Facebook Messenger iOS app

The Latest Facebook Messenger App for iOS is Constantly Crashing

The latest update for the Facebook Messenger iOS app isn’t working well as numerous users report it crashing time and again…

Yesterday, Facebook pushed out an update for the Messenger app. But, for iOS users, it’s not exactly functional. Many people report the app crashes frequently after receiving the latest update. Some say it opens normally but if they switch to another app and go back to Messenger, it fades to black and crashes, opening the iPhone home screen. 

Facebook Messenger iOS App Crash Bug affecting Users

Tapping on notifications doesn’t work, either. Although, this isn’t a total mystery. According to a company spokesperson, the latest iteration, version 170.0 is a buggy release. So, a fix, version 170.1, has already been submitted to the Apple Store. 

Not all features on Facebook Messenger iOS are affected. If it does open successfully, it could work just fine. Therefore, iOS users should wait to download version 170.1 and skip over the 170.0 release. It’s possible to check the installed version by going to “Updates” in the App Store.

Recently, Facebook made a welcome change to Messenger. People will start seeing that annoying “Now Connected on Messenger” less. In May, Facebook rolled out polls to Messenger Stories and the app just might get an unsend feature in the future.