December 9, 2021
Messenger Kids

Facebook Messenger Kids Adds Kindness Feature as It Expands outside the US

Messenger Kids introduces a new “kindness” feature as it expands beyond the United States into the countries of Canada and Peru…

Last December, Facebook launched Messenger Kids, a child-friendly messaging app for kids under 13 years of age. It’s changed little since, only adding a sleep mode to help parents curtail use back in April. Now, it’s introducing a new kindness initiative. And, it’s rolling the app out to two new markets outside the US: Canada and Peru. Additionally, it’s including support for French and Spanish, along with a “Messenger Kids Pledge.”

Facebook Messenger Kids Adds Kindness Feature as It Expands outside the US

New to Messenger Kids are “Kindness Stickers” which include “MY BFF,” “Well Done!” “Best Artist,” and more. The Messenger Kids Pledge contains online behavior guidelines, with reminders such as “be kind when you communicate,” and “be respectful.” Another advice includes “Be safe,” and “have fun.” Basically, good life-lesson manners.

For those unfamiliar, Facebook Messenger Kids isn’t just for children to use on their own. Instead, it requires parental involvement. For example, it’s not possible for children to add friends without parents’ permission. Plus, adults are able to manage the app right from their own Facebook account.

What’s more, Messenger Kids will soon contain an interactive guide called “Appreciation Mission.” This will encourage children to discover and express their appreciation for family and friends. Parents can download Messenger Kids on Android or on iOS. Learn more about it on the official website.