May 24, 2022
Facebook Messenger Kids friend request passphrases

Facebook Messenger Kids Introduces Passcodes to Initiate Friend Requests

New Facebook Messenger Kids friend request passphrases are now going live on the platform to all under-age users to initiate new connections…

Messenger Kids is a mobile app for children under 13 offered by Facebook. Since its debut, it’s faced much criticism. But, the parent-supervised platform provides a good experience for some families. Previously, all contacts on a kid’s account were established by the parents. Now, Facebook is changing that slightly. Beginning today, it’s rolling out an option which allows kids to request their parents’ approval of new friends.

Facebook Messenger Kids Friend Request Passphrases Introduced

The new Facebook Messenger Kids friend request passphrases are a new feature to the site. Parents must first opt to enable the option (which is disabled by default). After turning it on, Facebook randomly generates a four-word passcode, uniquely assigned to a specific child. When the kid wants to add a friend, the passcode will appear on their requested contact. That person must then enter the passphrase on their end.

Both sets of parents receive notifications and both sets of parents must approve the request. So, the system continues to keep parents in control but does give kids a bit more freedom.

Although, the parents do not need to actually be connected to one another on Facebook, which is another point critics have previously made about the platform. (Facebook did change that policy in May of this year.)

Facebook Messenger Kids has grown substantially in recent months. It has over 1.4 million downloads for Android and iOS combined, according to data from Sensor Tower. Moreover, it’s daily downloads are approximately 3x the number at the end of May.