April 8, 2021
Facebook Messenger Kids sleep mode

Facebook Unveils Sleep Mode for Messenger Kids

A new Facebook Messenger Kids sleep mode is now here by popular demand, for improved parental controls over activity times…

Facebook first introduced Messenger Kids back in December of last year. Since that time, the app faced criticism, as well as some helpful critiques. The Facebook Messenger Kids app touts a safe way for children under the age of 13 to communicate, boasting parental controls and more. But, it didn’t offer any snooze time parents could set. Now, the app has such a feature.

Facebook Messenger Kids Sleep Mode Introduced

Today, Facebook introduced sleep mode, which parents can set for certain periods, such as dinner, homework, and bed. It’s activated through the parent’s account. And, when enabled, kids can’t access its features, like sending and receiving messages, video calls, or other functions. Plus, Facebook states parents can change “off times” whenever desired.

While this won’t satisfy those who believe in refraining from giving youngsters such technology, it’s another way to better control usage. Parents can go right to their own Facebook account and navigate to the Parent Control center. There, they can set desired down times or change previous settings. Additionally, parents can add and remove contacts, create new child accounts, or delete accounts in the control panel.

Watch a short explainer video below of the new Facebook Messenger Kids Sleep Mode in-action:

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