January 26, 2022
Facebook Messenger Lite animated GIFs

Facebook just Added some New Features to Messenger Lite, including Animated GIFs and it’s Still less than 10MB in Size

Facebook Messenger Lite animated GIFs come to the stripped down mobile app, along with a few other features, delivering more function with little storage consumption…

Messenger Lite, the basic version of the Facebook mobile communication app, is getting a few new tools for user customization and expression. Messenger Lite users can now send and view animated GIFs, plus do more.

Facebook Messenger Lite Animated GIFs, other Customization Features Debut

Although Messenger Lite did previously support GIFs, they were not animated inside the application. (Making them just still images.) Now, they’ll play as programmed and Facebook recommends using third-party tools, like the Google Gboard, to find and send GIFs. The social network offers this advice to keep the app as small in size as possible.

Along with animated GIFs, Messenger Lite now supports many of the customization options found in the regular Messenger app. For instance, users can change text bubble colors in conversations. Plus, assign nicknames to others or change the title of a group chat.

Even though Facebook has added new options to Messenger Lite, including video chat support earlier this year, it is still under 10MB in size. And, it’s available in more than 100 countries globally. So, it’s a viable alternative, for those in developed markets who don’t play games and aren’t into Stories.

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