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Facebook Messenger Message Thread Share Button Debuts in Latest Version

Facebook Messenger message thread share button

A newly included Facebook Messenger message thread share button now resides in the mobile native app for Android in the latest version…

In the latest Android version of the Messenger app by social giant Facebook, a message share button now appears right alongside threads, giving users the ability to share specific parts of conversations.

Facebook Messenger Message Thread Share Button Introduced in Latest Android Version

The new Facebook Messenger message thread share button comes with the release of Andriid version, now available in the Google Play Store.

When users tap on the Facebook Messenger message thread share button, it launches a separate screen, with the latest phone contacts. Users can “Add a caption” or even add the content to Messenger Day, which launched in March of this year.


Recently, Facebook has rolled out a number of new features to encourage more original content broadcasting. It’s part of an ongoing effort to push back against a strange phenomenon the social network calls “context collapse.”

Among the new features are media collages, with Facebook Spring Memories being introduced in mid- June. Then, early this month, a Facebook June Memories media collage followed. Facebook expanded its status update background colors and themes in June, which came months after their initial release in December of last year.

The reason for such options is to fight context collapse, a decline in original user content. Oddly, engagement time on Facebook is rising but users are sharing less personal content.

The social network just reached 2 billion users in late June, celebrating the milestone with a Good Adds Up video. Currently, Facebook Messenger claims more than 1.2 billion users globally.

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