March 6, 2021
Facebook Messenger mobile screen sharing option goes live

Facebook Messenger on Mobile Now Sports a Screen Sharing Option

Facebook Messenger now has a screen sharing tool and it comes at a time when video conferencing is very popular, particularly during the quarantines…

The days of science fiction predicting the future are far from over. But, for those who remember or fans of shows likeĀ Star Trek and movies likeĀ Star Wars, have seen what was portrayed many years ago come to fruition.

Today, video conferencing is an everyday occurrence, and practically every communication platform supports it. Now, Facebook Messenger has joined, adding another component with screen sharing.

Facebook Messenger Mobile Screen Sharing Option goes Live

Earlier this year, Facebook added Rooms to Messenger. And, it integrated screen sharing on the web for desktop browsers. Now, the latter feature is available on mobile for the first time via Messenger.

Over the past few months, as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, with subsequent stay at home orders going out, screen sharing has become more important than ever. The option is available for one-on-one video chats, group calls with as many as eight people, and Rooms with up to sixteen participants. (Facebook states it will expand the latter up to fifty people in a Room but hasn’t set a timeline yet.)

The new Facebook Messenger screen sharing tool is now rolling out in the latest beta release.

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