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Pinterest Releases a New Facebook Messenger Bot and Extension

Facebook Messenger Pinterest bot integration

Credit: Pinterest / Facebook

A new Facebook Messenger Pinterest bot integration takes the digital pinboard deeper into another platform, potentially expanding its audience reach…

Pinterest is seeking to engage a larger audience beyond its own proprietary platform. To that end, the online pinboard just released two new tools. The company realizes users already copy and paste Pinterest links into Messenger. So, it’s making that task more seamless with a bot. And, it works like many others. Users simply start a chat with the Pinterest bot, searching for an idea. The bot makes suggestions in return. Then, users can opt to dive more deeply into interesting suggestions.

Facebook Messenger Pinterest Bot Integration Introduced

The new Pinterest chatbot brings the digital pinboard experience closer to the Facebook Messenger experience. It gives users the ability to link Pins inside a Facebook message and take a deeper look right within the message. In other words, users don’t have to leave Messenger to get the familiar Pinterest experience.

This isn’t Pinterest’s first foray outside its own site. Earlier this year, the company released Pincodes, which are retail store QR codes. This provides a bigger presence and helps to lure more people to the platform.

Pinterest currently boasts more than 200 million MAUs or monthly active users. But, with its new bot, it can tap into the enormous 1.3 billion Messenger users.

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