October 28, 2021
Facebook Messenger quoted replies

Facebook Brings Quoted Replies to Messenger Conversations (Borrowing from Subsidiary WhatsApp)

Facebook Messenger quoted replies come to the platform, making it a bit easier to follow along in long discussion threads…

Facebook just updated its messaging client, Messenger, to include quoted replies. Now, users can quote others during a conversation thread, making it simpler to track who and what’s going on.

Facebook Messenger Quoted Replies Debut

The option comes after Facebook’s expansion of its expansion emoji. Simply by holding down on an individual message, a new reply button pops-up. (People can also add a reaction, as usual.)

Unfortunately, quoted messages don’t stand out as their own threads, instead, these appear in-line with the rest of the discussion. Although, it’s distinguishable enough to prove useful.

Surprisingly, it’s a feature inside WhatsApp and has been for some time now — even though Facebook acquired it in February 2014 for approximately $19.3 billion. Unfortunately, it took years for Facebook to finally bring it to the Messenger platform.

However, now that it’s here, it marks yet another move toward a cross-platform system between subsidiaries. Such a connection would ostensibly unify Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp messaging. The possible reason for the notification unification is to boost engagement across the apps by taking away the distractions from one to another.

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