August 5, 2022
Facebook Messenger Reactions

Facebook Messenger Reactions Sent 2B Times in First Two Months

Just two months after rolling out, Facebook Messenger Reactions have racked up 2 billion sends through the popular mobile messaging app……

In March, Facebook Messenger Reactions and Mentions debuted. And, in only two months time since the introduction, there were 2 billion Reactions sent through the mobile messaging app.

Facebook Messenger Reactions Used 2 Billion Times in First Two Months

To celebrate the milestone, Facebook released an infographic, detailing how people use Messenger Reactions:


Facebook Reactions use infographic
Credit: Facebook

Wednesday is the most popular day for sending Facebook Messenger Reactions, particularly in the evening hours. “Love” is the most frequently sent reaction, used more in one-to-one conversations than in group conversations.

The “Yes” reaction is more likely used in group messages than one-to-one. Most often, the “Yes” reaction represents an expression, as well as a utility. People are more likely to send the “Smile” reaction in reply to shared content, such as articles and links. People are also more likely to send a “Wow” reaction to GIFs, shares, photos, and videos.

Text and photo messages are most likely to receive reactions. Young millennials, ages 18 to 24 send 2x more reactions than older age groups. Millennials are also more likely to send a wider variety of reactions, including “Smile” and “Wow.” Adults, age 25 and older, are 1.4x more likely to send “Love” and “Yes,” than younger age groups. On average, more men send reactions than, however, women send reactions more frequently.

Facebook Reactions launched on desktop and mobile in February 2016. In May, Facebook Post Comment Reactions rolled out on desktop. The social network began testing Comments GIFs back in March. Facebook Messenger hit 1.2 billion MAUs or monthly active users in April.

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