April 29, 2021
Facebook Messenger redesign

Facebook’s Messenger Revamped UI is Going Live and it’s Not a Hit with Users

The promised, big-time Facebook Messenger redesign is here and rolling out to users via a server-side switch but not everyone likes the new look…

Facebook Messenger has grown from a simple messaging client to a massive hub. It includes text chat, voice and video calls, P2P money transfers, games, chatbots, and a whole lot more.

The company announced a huge makeover for its messaging app back at its F8 conference in May. The social site it would streamline and simplify the interface, lose some unnecessary elements, and focus its emphasis on the features people use most. Additionally, Facebook said it would add a dark mode to the app.

Facebook Messenger Redesign Rolling Out Now to Mixed User Reviews

The revamp started showing up at the end of September for a limited group of users. The new experience places only three buttons at the bottom — conversations, friends, and explore. Furthermore, the camera and chat icons now reside at the top.

Facebook Messenger UI redesign
Credit: Facebook

Facebook really did remake the interface, shedding a good deal of out-front elements. But, it’s not exactly a hit with everyone. Just take a gander at what people are saying about it on Twitter

This is a server-side update, so there’s no way to manually grab it but it’s going live now — whether users want it or not.

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