June 18, 2021
Facebook Messenger Rooms Update Adds More User Options

Facebook Really Wants More People to Use Messenger Rooms

Facebook recently updated Messenger Rooms to give it more features, which might cause a substantial uptick in usage…

Facebook first introduced Messenger Rooms back in April of this year. At the time, it wasn’t necessary to have Messenger installed to start a video call. Shorty after, the company introduced News Feed, Groups, and Page links to join group calls. Now, Rooms are gaining even more features. This, to help Messenger Rooms to grow its usage frequency and quantity.

Facebook Messenger Rooms Update Adds More User Options

One new option is a more comprehensive interface. Now, users can customize Rooms with a unique activity name. Plus, Facebook will also suggest a name. What’s more, it will allow users to set a future start date for group chats, as well as the ability to manage invite lists. While these are all things people could already do through the main Facebook News feed, they now are present in Messenger.

Additionally, there’s more customization options. These include being able to set a custom background by uploading photos. Or, even a video background (though it might confuse others in the chat session). But, these do offer more flexibility, at the very least. And, more options are what users like — just not too many to take the interface to the point of confusion or being overwhelming.

The new Rooms features are beginning to roll out to mobile, with desktop following over the coming months.

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