September 20, 2022
Facebook Messenger Stories polls

Facebook brings Polls to Messenger Stories, just Like on Its Main Site and Instagram

New Facebook Messenger Stories polls are now available on the mobile platform, and they are super-easy to use, of course…

At its latest F8 conference back at the beginning of the month, Facebook announced several changes and additions to its Messenger app. Those included a planned redesign to simplify the interface and a new way to purchase products in augmented reality. Now, the social network is bringing polls to the Messenger platform in Stories.

Facebook Messenger Stories Polls Debut

With the option, users can now share a status update and ask friends a question. This is already available in regular Messenger chats, just like it is on Facebook Stories and Instagram. 

What’s even better is there is no need to create a specific group chat, solely for the purpose of posting a poll. Creating a new poll is very simple. Just tap the polls sticker and drag it to the desired location. Then, a prompt will appear to add a question, along with answers.

After it’s shared, friends can vote. Plus, everyone sees real-time results. Moreover, it will update each time a friend goes back to watch the story. And, if a friend wants to comment on a poll, they can simply reply at the bottom. Doing so opens a Messenger conversation with the story’s creator.

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