June 20, 2021
Facebook Messenger unsend

Facebook Found Testing an Unsend Option for Messenger

Finally, the previously reported Facebook Messenger unsend feature looks like its arrival is now imminent, though it’s still in testing…

Earlier this year, Facebook disclosed its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, deleted notes he sent through Messenger. It raised eyebrows for more than one reason. Particularly, how he could perform such an action given there’s no unsend tool in Messenger. But, we’ve since learned there is, back in April.

Facebook Messenger Unsend Option in Testing

Presently, Messenger offers “Secret Conversations,” a mode users can set a timer for messages to disappear. (All parties in the conversation receive when the thread expires.) This isn’t the only instance of Facebook implementing an unsend option. The company added the feature to WhatsApp and then extended the time-limit to an hour not long ago.

Now, Jane Manchung Wong, an app researcher, has discovered the option again. And, it appears as though it will indeed make its way out to all users. Wong found it on the Android app and a spokesperson told TechCrunch “Facebook internally tests products and features before they ship to the public so we can ensure the quality of the experience.”

Instagram likewise sports an unsend option but it only works if the recipient hasn’t yet viewed it. Users only need to long press on their Instagram message and then tap “unsend.” The recipient isn’t notified so he or she wouldn’t know of its existence.

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