January 27, 2021
Facebook Messenger unsend option

Facebook Messenger will Soon give Users 10 Minutes to Delete Sent Messages

The soon-to-come Facebook Messenger unsend option will arrive shortly, giving users the ability to delete messages within ten minutes…

Just last month, Jane Manchung Wong, an app researcher, uncovered code for a Facebook Messenger unsend tool. Now, it’s listed as “coming soon” in the release notes for version 191.0 for the iOS mobile app.

Facebook Messenger Unsend Option is Coming Soon

This comes after surprising development earlier this year when Facebook disclosed its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, deleted notes he sent through Messenger. It raised eyebrows for more than one reason. Particularly, how he could perform such an action given there’s no unsend tool in Messenger. 

That power is now arriving for all users. Presently, Messenger offers “Secret Conversations,” a mode users can set a timer for messages to disappear. (All parties in the conversation receive when the thread expires.)

This isn’t the only instance of Facebook implementing an unsend option. The company added the feature to WhatsApp and then extended the time-limit to an hour not long ago. Additionally, Instagram likewise sports an unsend option but it only works if the recipient hasn’t yet viewed it.

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