August 4, 2022
Facebook Mobile App Dark Mode Experiment Underway

After Releasing a Dark Theme for Desktop, Facebook is Testing the Same for its Mobile App

Facebook now confirms it is working to bring a dark theme option to its mobile application, after applying the feature to it desktop experience in May…

Just a few weeks ago, it was learned Facebook was in the process of developing a dark mode for its Android UI. Now, the new look has been confirmed by the social network to SocialMediaToday. Apparently, the forthcoming Android Facebook app dark theme will follow Android 10’s system-wide toggle. And, there’s also a manual on/off button.

Facebook Mobile App Dark Mode Experiment Underway

The Facebook mobile dark theme would follow its other apps, including Instagram, Messenger, as well as WhatsApp. Perhaps the reason for its flagship app to receive it last is because of its sheer size. (Currently, there are approximately 3 billion monthly active users across its various platforms.)

Screenshots of the new Facebook dark mode show that it doesn’t alter the layout. Instead, it merely applies a dark background to the user interface. The main navigation bar at the top retains its blue indicator, while the logo turns white rather than being blue as it is now. (Of course, any elements might change before its wide release.)

Right now, Facebook says that the new dark option is only available to a “small percentage” of its users across the globe.

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