July 3, 2022
Facebook Mobile App Dark Mode Test Underway

Facebook is Now Publicly Testing a Dark Theme for its Mobile App

Facebook is publicly working on a dark theme for its flagship mobile application, which first appeared in the late summer of last year…

Dark themes are well-known to provide a better experience for the eyes in low-light situations. But, dark modes also help to reduce battery drain. And, about half of all consumers prefer the option over stark white. In recent years, dark motifs have been showing up on a number of popular sites, including Twitter and many more. Facebook has been slow to adopt the option but it appears it’s getting closer.

Facebook Mobile App Dark Mode Test Underway

Recently, code sleuth Jane Manchun Wong, who has a knack for uncovering new features before they roll out to the public, was able to confirm Facebook is indeed publicly experimenting with a dark mode for both its Android and iOS mobile apps. Now, this isn’t the first time. (A dark theme has previously been spotted in August 2019, and then again in November of last year.)

Facebook introduced a dark mode for its desktop interface earlier this year. But as for the mobile application, it’s only briefly been available to a very small group of users. That’s ostensibly going to change. However, at present, it’s still pretty limited. Anyone part of the test will see the option in the Settings & Privacy section under the Menu tab.

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