May 27, 2022
Facebook mobile browser

Facebook as a Mobile Web Browser Now Claims a 10 Percent Market Share in Several US States

The Facebook mobile browser now accounts for about 10 percent of market share in many states across the US, with Safari capturing the most…

Safari and Google Chrome typically dominate the mobile landscape in market share, according to most data available. And, one or the other might rank at the top, depending on the location. However, new research from Mixpanel reveals the Facebook mobile browser is becoming a larger market share player.

Facebook Mobile Browser Hits 10 Percent Market Share in Many US States

The firm’s latest study, including millions of users and billions of events, discovers the Facebook mobile browser is amassing some significant gains. In fact, in a few states, such as Washington, Rhode Island, and Montana, it’s hit 13.74 percent, 13.14 percent, and 12.64 percent, respectively. 

Those are joined by thirteen other states where the Facebook mobile browser takes nearly or more than ten percent market share:

  • Indiana, 11,93 percent
  • Minnesota, 11.81 percent
  • North Carolina, 11.8 percent
  • Missouri, 11.49 percent
  • Hawaii, 10.94 percent
  • Pennsylvania, 10.92 percent
  • New Hampshire, 10.52 percent
  • South Carolina, 10.16 percent
  • Texas, 10.12 percent
  • West Virginia, 9.95 percent
  • Delaware, 9.94 percent
  • North Dakota, 9.9 percent
  • Oregon, 9.73 percent

Overall, Safari still sits at the top, with 58.06 percent market share in the United States, Android claiming 32,48 percent, and Facebook, 8.82 percent. Additionally, iOS outpaces Android in usage in the US wit 65.5 percent compared to 34.46 for Android. However, Safari doesn’t dominate every state.