August 6, 2022
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Facebook Native Video Tops Third-Party Links Hugely Report Shows

Facebook native video substantially surpasses third-party links in key user reaction metrics, a new report including six million published posts shows…

Video content performs better than all other types on Facebook. But, new data demonstrates not all video content creates the same impact. Native video far exceeds third-party links in user reaction analytics. For marketers, this means uploading video directly to Facebook is key to its ultimate performance.

Facebook Native Video Seriously Outperforms Third-Party Links Report Reveals

Although it’s long been known native content works best on Facebook, a new report by Quintly shows how large the gap is for interaction. The company examined six million Facebook posts published between July and December of last year. During that time, Facebook native videos garnered a 1,055 percent higher share rate and a 186 percent higher interaction rate than third-party links or links to videos published on other platforms.

Facebook native video performance chart
Credit: Quintly

Of all content analyzed, Quintly states 84.47 percent included native Facebook videos — which also include Facebook Live. Share rates are 477.76 percent higher for native Facebook videos, compared to YouTube linked content. 

“Since videos are becoming more omnipresent on Facebook timelines, our social media consumption changed. Instead of strolling through pictures and statues updates of our friends, we encounter more and more videos posted…” the company explains.

A recent disclosure by the world’s largest social network reveals Facebook Reactions top Likes in algorithm ranking importance.

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