October 23, 2021
Facebook News Feed algorithm change

Facebook to Coerce Users into Sharing, Interacting More with Others

A new Facebook News Feed algorithm change will surface more posts from friends and family, while showing fewer Pages in an ongoing effort to overcome context collapse…

Facebook is at it yet again. And, its change of direction signals the social network continues to struggle with context collapse. The company plans to enact major changes to its News Feed this year. The purpose, it asserts, is to promote more “meaningful interactions.”

Facebook News Feed Algorithm Change Prioritizes Friends Family Posts

The social behemoth explains it employs various signals to determine what’s displayed in users’ News Feeds. With the new Facebook News Feed algorithm update, the network will prioritize posts which are mostly likely to spark interactions. That means, more posts from family and friends and less public content. (Public content includes video and posts from publishers and businesses.)

This new algorithm change is due to a phenomenon the company internally calls “context collapse.” That is, people spend more time on the platform but share less organically (also referred to as “original content broadcasting”). Back in December of last year, Facebook admitted that passively consuming the News Feed makes users feel bad. Its solution — a not so subtle suggestion users post and interact more with others, hence, spend more time on Facebook.

This isn’t the first time the company sought to lure users into spending more time and posting. In 2015, Facebook began reducing Pages, while increasing posts from friends and family. Then, in 2016, Facebook said it would favor posts by people users know rather than content from publishers and businesses.

Facebook states it expects engagement time to decrease but that time to also be more valuable to users. For publishers and businesses, this means yet another necessary change in strategy. When the company made its previous News Feed algorithm, Pages switched to short videos because that format was still favored by signals. Now, that will no longer work.

Here’s a video about the changes:

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