December 8, 2021
Facebook News Feed algorithm

Facebook News Feed Algorithm Updated to Reduce Clickbait

An updated Facebook News Feed algorithm now further reduces clickbait, to limit misleading, sensational, and spam content for better user experience…

As part of an ongoing effort to show relevant and informative content, the Facebook News Feed algorithm just received an update. Last year, the social network made an update to the News Feed to reduce stories from sources identified consistently posted clickbait headlines. Now, the social media platform is going further.

Facebook News Feed Algorithm Updated to Downrank Clickbait

Facebook states it is taking a three-step approach to detect and downrank spammy, sensational, and misleading content. First, the company is identifying clickbait at the individual post level, as well as the domain and Page level. Facebook states this will more accurately reduce clickbait headlines in the News Feed.

Second, the company is using two signals, one to determine if a headline withholds information and another which determines if the headline exaggerates information. Third, the social network is testing these efforts in additional languages.

“We’ve learned from last year’s update that we can better detect different kinds of clickbait headlines by separately — rather than jointly — identifying signals that withhold or exaggerate information, ”  engineers Arun Babu, Annie Liu, and Jordan Zhang, explain.

The company also states this News Feed algorithm update should not affect Pages in any significant way. However, sources which rely on clickbait should expect their News Feed distribution to decrease. “Pages should avoid headlines that withhold information required to understand the content of the article and headlines that exaggerate the article to create misleading expectations.”

Facebook explains publishers who previously relied on clickbait but stop posting such content, will no longer be affected by the change. Facebook just began a fake live video crackdown earlier this week. The social network also began reducing links to low-quality web pages in the News Feed, as well.

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