April 30, 2021
Facebook News Feed why-am-i-seeing-this-post

Facebook’s News Feed Begins to Show Users an Explanation for Why it Shows Certain Content

The Facebook News Feed is starting to explain to users why they are seeing certain posts, in an effort to inform people how it works…

Facebook has posted an announcement to its blog which introduces a new featured called “Why am I seeing this post?” It’s there in the News Feed to tell users why they see certain content on the platform.

Facebook News Feed Explanation Answers Why People See Certain Posts

The “new” tool is actually just an expansion of what the site already does for ads. But, it gives users more granular control.

Facebook provides more options in the “Why am I seeing this post?” feature, including how often similar content will surface.

“We’re introducing ‘Why am I seeing this post?’ to help you better understand and more easily control what you see from friends, Pages and Groups in your News Feed. This is the first time that we’ve built information on how ranking works directly into the app.

We’re also making improvements to ‘Why am I seeing this ad?’ a tool we launched back in 2014. We’ve received valuable feedback over the years that has helped us expand the information we share with people about the ads they see.”

Those new controls are “See First” and “Unfollow” options, along with links to the News Feed preferences dashboard.

Plus, the ad model will now not only show users advertiser targeting, such as age and gender, but also, whether the advertiser has also uploaded an email mailing list.

The changes are rolling out this week with complete roll out scheduled to occur by the middle of May.

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