September 26, 2021
Facebook News Feed local news change

Facebook Breaks Out More Local News Worldwide in Its News Feed as Scandals Grow

A previously announced Facebook News Feed local news change favoring prioritization is now going global amidst a scandal-ridden backdrop…

Back in January, Facebook announced an upcoming change to the News Feed in which local outlets would gain prioritization. This, after it previously said the platform would surface more posts from family and friends over publisher and brand content.

Facebook News Feed Local News Change goes Global

The change, CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained at the time, was in response to a fact-finding trip. Now, the company is implementing the switch worldwide. “Today, we’re expanding that update to people in all countries, in all languages. Now, people around the world will see more news on Facebook from local sources covering their current city and other cities they may care about.”

This is an interesting move, given that people mostly rely on the social network for national and international news. But, it could prove a welcome boost for local news organizations with limited reach. However, it comes at a time when trust in the platform is plummeting. 

Facebook Denies Charges It Scraped Android Phone Call and Text Data

Facebook is currently facing a large backlash for its handling of the Cambridge Analytica fiasco. Additionally, the company reported scraped call and text data from Android phones for years, Ars Technica reveals. The social network responded with a denial. But a recent article published on The Verge states these tactics are far from new.

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