June 15, 2021
Facebook News Feed misinformation

Facebook Ask Researchers to Measure the Effects of Erroneous Info in the News Feed

Facebook News Feed misinformation is a lingering problem for the social network, so the company is asking academics to study its effects…

Fake news is a problem. And, it’s especially prevalent on social media. On these platforms, misinformation and false stories regularly circulate. It’s ultimately up to users to discern what is and what isn’t real. That’s a big challenge in a few instances. So, Facebook is now asking researchers to help measure the effects of erroneous information curated in the News Feed. 

Facebook News Feed Misinformation Study Request goes Out

The social network is soliciting academics to study how fake news impacts users. Additionally, the company is initiating a new literacy campaign to help users spot false information. Furthermore, the social site will display information about the steps it is taking to combat the problem. Here’s what Facebook wrote in a blog post about its academic commission:

“In April, Facebook announced a new initiative to help provide independent research about the role of social media in elections, as well as democracy more generally. In the coming weeks, the commission will lead a request for proposals to measure the volume and effects of misinformation on Facebook. They will then manage a peer review process to select which scholars will receive funding for their research, and access to privacy-protected data sets from Facebook. This will help keep us accountable and track our progress over time.”

Facebook likewise released a 12-minute short film entitled “Facing Facts,” viewable below: