October 23, 2021
Facebook News Feed ranking

Facebook is making Big Changes to How its News Feed Works

Facebook is changing how its News Feed chooses content to show users, with a number of tweaks to its ranking algorithms…

Facebook has announced it is making big changes to the way its News Feed displays content. One example will deliver more content from friends users most want to see. Another update prioritizes links people consider most worthwhile.

Facebook News Feed Ranking Algorithms Changing

Facebook says it’s making these changes to its News Feed ranking due to feedback it received from user surveys.

Until this time, Facebook used several factors to determine which friends’ posts users wanted to see. But, it relied on guesswork, with little to no user input. Hence, the user surveys.

Facebook is taking those survey results to identify patterns. It then feeds the information to its algorithms to change the News Feed. Some of the patterns include: people being tagged in the same pictures, continually reacting and/or commenting on the same posts, and reoccurring check-ins at the same locations.

Also, Facebook states its using the survey results to help it predict which links users would care about. Again, Facebook is identifying patterns to help determine if users will find links worth their time and attention.

The social network then amalgamates the collected information, including the types of posts, people who made the posts, and the posts’ engagement. This produces a ranking algorithm which can more accurately predict if users’ are likely to find value in links.

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