September 15, 2022
Facebook News Feed video sound

Facebook News Feed Video Sound Now Auto-Enabled by Default

Facebook News Feed video sound is now automatically toggled on, but users have the option to mute the audio, in a recent change to the stream…

Facebook made a recent change to how videos work in the main News Feed. In multi-media collages, Facebook automatically auto-enables the audio, which previously played in silent mode by default.

Facebook News Feed Video Audio Now Auto-Enabled in Stream

When users go to their News Feed, they will see friends’ status updates, as usual. But now, if those status updates contain video content, the video will play, accompanied by its audio.

Facebook highlights this change with a blue pop-up, which reads, “Listen While You Watch. News Feed videos now include sound. Tap the volume icon on any video to mute it.”

However, this feature only works in the mobile app as sound does not automatically accompany video on desktop. In the Facebook desktop website interface, videos do auto-play but run in silent mode, requiring users to click on the sound icon to enable audio.

At this time, it’s unclear which devices support the change but it does appear on some Android devices.

Facebook just reached 2 billion MAUs or monthly active users, celebrating the milestone with a Good Adds Up video users can try. The social network also added emoji, filter, and new masks to Messenger.

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