December 9, 2021
Facebook News Tab human curation

Facebook will Rely on Actual People to Curate its News Tab and Not just Algorithms

Facebook will employ people to help curate its coming News Tab, and not rely solely on automated computer algorithms for customization…

Facebook will introduce a News Tab sometime later this year. When the world’s largest social network adds the section, it will rely on a “small team of journalists” to assist in curating the feed.

Facebook News Tab Curation Done by Humans Along with Algorithms

The yet-to-debut Facebook News Tab will use algorithms to rank most stories. But, the company will look to humans to highlight the most relevant items.

Facebook is taking this approach because it’s much more efficient and practical. It would take a prolonged amount of time to train algorithms to deliver similar customization.

Of course, this does raise the question about human bias. Facebook, Twitter, and Google alike have all been accused of bias. Although, with people in control, it greatly reduces excusing bias on automated computer programs. Likewise, this helps to prevent news outlets from gaming the system.

The Facebook News Tab is expected later in 2019. It will join Apple News, which already employs journalists to select relevant stories. Meanwhile, LinkedIn employs it own editorial team. 

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