December 2, 2021
Facebook November Moments video

Facebook November Moments Video Rolls Out to Android, iOS

The Facebook November Moments video is currently rolling out to Android and iOS, which features pictures of the month set to music…

The Facebook November Moments video is now available. Facebook began introducing memories collages early this year as a counteraction against what the company internally calls “context collapse.” Or, a decline in original content broadcasting. The social network continues to suffer from a strange dichotomy. That duality is users spending more time on the platform but sharing less organically.

Facebook November Moments Video Now Coming to Android, iOS

Back in August, Facebook announced it would serve more memory collages. And, the social giant has done exactly that. The company released Spring Memories, June, July, and August, Summer Memories, as well as September and October memory collections.

These collections have proven popular with users but only for certain time periods. Seasonal memory collages are the most often shared, while monthly memories are shared less. The most engaged to date is the Facebook Good Ads Up video.

How to Get Facebook November Moments Video Highlights

To retrieve and share Facebook November Memories, simply log on to the mobile Android or iOS app. If available, it will appear right at the top of the News Feed. It is important to note Facebook only serves its memories collections automatically. No dedicated page or option is available to retrieve the collages manually. (There is an edit button that appears but it might not work.)

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