July 29, 2021
Facebook now requires people have a profile in order to sign up for Messenger

Messenger-Only Accounts are Gone, as Facebook Now Requires New Messenger Sign-Ups to Also have a Facebook Profile

It’s no longer possible to sign up for Messenger without having a Facebook profile as the social network has changed its policy…

Up until very recently, it was possible to create a Messenger account without having a Facebook profile. Now, those days are gone. Facebook has ended it’s nearly four-year practice of allowing people to sign up only for messenger, without also having to create a Facebook account.

Facebook Now Requires People have a Profile in Order to Sign Up for Messenger

Back in 2015, Facebook started allowing people to create Messenger account to use the app as a standalone. When someone signed up for Messenger, they did not need an accompanying Facebook profile. But, a recent policy change has ended that option.

Facebook says that it changed its policy of having only a Messenger account, without a Facebook profile, because the vast majority of its users were signed up for both services. The social Network sites streamlining the overall process as the main factor.

Until the recent change, people were able to create a Messenger account using just their phone number. Facebook also allows new sign ups to only use their phone numbers, as well. Facebook used to require that new members provide an email address, and nudged them into also providing their phone numbers.

Facebook states this should not affect people who only have active Messenger accounts. But, some users have already reported experiencing errors in accessing their account, which started happening after the policy change.

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