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Facebook October Moments Video Rolls Out

Facebook October Moments video

The Facebook October Moments video is out, a slight rebrand from October Memories, which now animates image stills, put to music…

[For the 2018 Facebook October Moments video, click here.]

The Facebook October Moments video collage is live. It follows a long line. The latest include Facebook September Memories, Summer Memories, August Memories, along with July, June, and Spring Memories.

Facebook October Moments Video Rolls Out

Back in August, Facebook announced it would serve more memory collages. And, the social giant has done exactly that. Here’s the Facebook October Moments video in action (and its direct link if it doesn’t play).

These collections have proven popular with users but only for certain time periods. For instance, its biggest hits are Spring MemoriesSummer Memories, and its Good Adds Up video. However, its monthly collections garnered less user popularity.

About the Facebook October Memories Video

The social network continues to curate memories collections in its ongoing fight against context collapse. For those unfamiliar, context collapse is Facebook’s internal name for a strange phenomenon. User engagement time continues to rise on the network but people are sharing less organic content. Instead, users share more third-party information than original text posts, images, and video.

How to Get Facebook October Moments Video Highlights

To retrieve and share Facebook October Memories, simply log on to the mobile Android or iOS app. If available, it will appear right at the top of the News Feed. It is important to note Facebook only serves its memories collections automatically. No dedicated page or option is available to retrieve the collages manually.

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