June 23, 2021
Facebook outage increases news publisher site traffic

Recent Facebook Outage caused Spike in Direct Traffic to Google and News Publishers

An August 3rd Facebook outage increased news publisher site traffic, along with Google searches, as the social media network went down for about an hour…

Here’s something very interesting, although not that surprising. On August 3rd of this year, Facebook went down for almost an hour in Europe and North America. During the outage, Facebook users took to Google and also went directly to news sites for the latest information, according to data collected by Chartbeat.

Facebook Outage Increases News Publishers’ Website Traffic

During the nearly hour-long crash, direct traffic to news publishers rose by 11 percent — which were mostly app-driven. Additionally, search traffic to news sites likewise increased by 8 percent.

This is significant because it points to just how people consume news. For instance, the Pew Research Center released data in late 2017, which reported, in-part:

“Just under half (45 percent) of U.S. adults use Facebook for news. Half of Facebook’s news users get news from that social media site alone, with just one-in-five relying on three or more sites for news.”

However, Facebook remains a huge go-to source for news. Although, there is evidence referrals from the social platform have declined after Facebook changed its News Feed to show more content from family and friends. It did so and put less emphasis on news publishers, brands, and Pages.

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