January 27, 2021
Facebook Page posting frequency count

Facebook Now Showing a Count for How Many Posts Pages Publish

A Facebook Page posting frequency count is now appearing in search, with no stated reason for the feature’s introduction by the social network…

Digital media advisor Greg Baroth just spotted an apparently new feature on the world’s largest social platform. A Facebook Page posting frequency count now shows up in search. Presumably, it’s to inform users of what to expect from an unknown page. But, the social network has yet to provide any reason for the tool.

Facebook Pages Posting Frequency Count Now Displays in Search

Traditionally, Facebook strongly advises Page owners and admins to post with restraint as to not overwhelm users. This is due to the fact that the majority of users are on the platform to check up on family and friends, not to be inundated with brand content. Generally, the magic posting number ranges from two to three per day. Following this rule-of-thumb helps Pages stay on the minds of users without being overtly intrusive in the News Feed. 

However, the company changed its algorithm and introduced the Facebook for Journalists certificate program last April. The program guide states, in-part, “Post frequently – Don’t worry about over-posting. The goal of News Feed is to show each person the most relevant story, so not all of your posts are guaranteed to show in their Feeds.”

Furthermore, Facebook also notes in the same guide Pages are posting up to 80 times per day and seeing positive results. Of course, these are from well-known news organizations.

Although, not every Page follower see all published content. Facebook limits post reach, which curtails how many followers see updates. So, only about 5 percent of a Page’s audience see new posts.