April 7, 2021
Facebook Page redesign

Facebook Tells Pages Owners a Redesign is Coming

A new Facebook Page redesign is starting to roll out across the social network, which includes a change in the profile picture format…

Although it’s September, Facebook is alerting Page owners and managers to an upcoming redesign in August. At this time, there’s no word in the official Newsroom. But, logging into a Page reveals a notification about the upcoming changes.

Facebook Page Redesign is Rolling Out

Facebook Page owners and managers see a message which reads, “Starting in August, the shape of your Page profile picture will change from square to circular in News Feed and on your Page timeline. The larger profile version on your Page cover area will remain square.” 

To ready Page owners and managers for the upcoming change, Facebook provides a preview of the profile picture’s new look (pictured below).

Facebook Page redesign announcement

The social network explains the redesign will unfold over the next several weeks. What’s strange is the give timeline, considering the first five days of September have already rolled off the calendar.

Facebook recently announced an upcoming change to the News Feed. The new format ditches the blue profile header, swapping it for increased white space. Also, it sports bigger Like, Comment, and Share buttons. Additionally, the familiar squared profile pictures are circular, with Messenger-esque comments. And, comments will feature a grey message bubble, replacing the previous line breaks. (See all the upcoming changes here.)

“We’re always working to make Facebook a more engaging place, and we hope this change leads to more conversations with the people you want to reach. We’ve been testing design updates in News Feed and have seen encouraging results and feedback from this design update,” the company further explains.