September 15, 2022
Facebook Page video automatic subtitling

Facebook Page Videos Automatic Subtitling Added by the Social Network

Facebook Page video automatic subtitling is available on the world’s largest social network to enhance, silent auto-play the platform instituted years ago…

At the end of 2013, Facebook launched silent auto-play video. Its friendly user experience design requires producers to get creative with videos. Capturing user attention on the social network is difficult enough but even more challenging when videos automatically play without sound.

About Facebook Page Videos Automatic Subtitling

Back in October of last year, the social company started working on an automatic subtitling feature which more Page owners and managers are using. For years since the introduction of silent auto-play video, producers utilized their own subtitle overlay. An auto-captioning feature first became available in February 2016. This allows users to watch videos with or without sound. 

Because of Facebook’s video silent auto-play policy, it’s giving businesses the ability to add subtitles. When a business uploads a video to the social platform, a “Generate” button option appears. The feature automatically generates a subtitle script, which producers can edit for accuracy. The technology isn’t perfect, but it does produce quite accurate transcriptions of verbal audio.

This video auto-captioning feature is another way for Facebook to lure advertisers away from competitors like YouTube. It’s also another chapter in the ongoing video war between YouTube and Facebook.

Recently, Facebook started developing a copyright infringement detection tool. The social media giant seeks to find and remove unapproved intellectual property uploads from its site.

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