August 8, 2022

Facebook Pages Groups Posting Option in Testing

A Facebook Pages Groups posting option is currently in testing by the social giant, allowing direct interact with groups, instead of personal profiles…

Facebook Groups now enjoys more than 1 billion monthly active users, residing on the world’s largest social network with an impressive 1.87 billion monthly active users. Until now, Facebook Pages could not post in Facebook Groups. The platform only allows personal profiles to post into Groups. But that seems to change with the introduction of a Facebook Pages Groups posting option.

Facebook Pages Groups Posting Option in Limited Testing

It appears the social giant is currently testing a new linking and posting feature between Pages and Groups. This provides Pages with the ability to interact with certain Groups for brand building purposes. 

Facebook Pages Groups posting option screenshot
Credit: Matt Navarra, Michael Brandvold

“Facebook Groups let people connect with your Page and each other. Now you can interact with Groups as your Page, and your Page can be an admin of these groups,”
the message reads.

The main concern for Facebook is the test results in wider adoption and becomes a spam tool. The social network seems more confident with its spam-detecting AI, which will diminish such a risk. If used as intended by the social site, brands could leverage this option smartly to reach more consumers.

This could also be an effort to get more users engaged with Groups. In January last year, the social network stated Groups are an “under appreciated product.” The company has added a number of new features since that time. Some include job postings, Facebook Pages live desktop video, and an announcement of a unified inbox.

At this time, there is no word on how widespread the test is or what regions are available.

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