May 20, 2022
Facebook Community Standards

Facebook Says it will Now Delete Pages and Groups Associated with Bad Actors — Even if the Pages or Groups did Nothing Wrong

Facebook just updated its Community Standards to broaden how it will deal with Pages and Groups affiliated with people who violate the rules…

Social media behemoth Facebook can now delete Pages and/or Groups associated with individuals who’ve broken the rules — even if the Pages and/or Groups did nothing wrong.

Facebook Pages Policy Violations Guidelines Updated

The social network recently updated its Community Standards to give it more latitude to punish Pages and/or Groups affiliated with bad actors. The company states it’s doing so to discourage bad behavior from spilling over:

“… we are updating our recidivism policy to better prevent those who have had Pages removed for violating our Community Standards from using duplicate Pages to continue the same activity.”

Previously, Facebook prohibited people who violated standards from creating new pages. However, the social site did not take action against existing Pages and/or Groups already associated with bad actors.

Going forward, if a person runs afoul, Facebook can remove any Page and/or Group he or she manages. Here’s how the company plans to enforce its new policy:

“To enforce this updated policy, we’ll look at a broad set of information, including whether the Page has the same people administering it, or has a similar name, to one we’re removing.”

Facebook will start enforcing the new rule in the coming weeks.

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