January 17, 2022
Facebook Patched a Bug that Allowed Other People to Listen In on Messenger Calls

Facebook Fixed a Bug that Let People Snoop on Others’ Messenger Calls

Facebook has removed a flaw from its Messenger mobile app that could allow total strangers to listen in on users’ private calls…

There’s often talk about how hackers or government agencies are listening in on people’s calls. The former is definitely a potential reality because Facebook only days ago patched a bug that would have allowed anyone to snoop on calls placed through its Messenger app. This, according to Google Project Zero researcher Natalie Silvanovich, who discovered it would affect Android users. 

Facebook Patched a Bug that Allowed Other People to Listen In on Messenger Calls

Fortunately, the vulnerability wasn’t easily exploitable. In fact, it required special circumstances and the need for specific tools. For instance, the attacker and victim both would have to be simultaneously logged into Messenger for Android. Plus, the victim would also have to be on Messenger through a web browser. Moreover, the attacker would need permission to call the victim.

Facebook is by no means alone with this Messenger eavesdropping bug. Last year, Apple applied a fix to something similar. That vulnerability would let contacts listen in on FaceTime conversations. Other communication apps like Signal, Mocha, and JioChat also previously contained similar bugs hackers could exploit.

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