August 4, 2022

Facebook Paywall Testing could Start Appearing in October

More than a few news sources are reporting the very real probability of a Facebook paywall, which could go into testing this coming October…

A Facebook paywall could be coming to the social network in as little time as this October, according to The Street. In that report, Campbell Brown, the head of the Facebook new partnership business, revealed many news publishers show interest in subscription products.

Facebook Paywall Testing might Begin Rolling Out as Soon as October

Still in its infancy, the Facebook paywall idea might begin with a limited number of publishers, possibly restricting article views to just 10 per month. However, since it is so early in development, changes are a very real possibility at any time. After viewing 10 articles, users would then be solicited to sign up for a subscription.

“We are in early talks with several news publishers about how we might better support subscription business models on Facebook. As part of the Facebook Journalism Project, we are taking the time to work closely together with our partners and understand their needs,” Brown told TechCrunch in a statement through an official spokesperson.

If enacted, the Facebook paywall will cede control to the publishers. Meaning the news publisher will decide which articles to lock behind the paywall and which will not. At this time, it’s unknown how users will pay. But according to Digiday, the social network is at least considering forgoing Google Play and the Apple App Store to avoid their mandatory 30 percent fee for processing payments.

Right now, Facebook continues its talks with prospective publisher partners. Currently, sources say if introduces, the Facebook paywall would broaden to include more users next year.  

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