September 21, 2022
Facebook Permanently Bans Unfollow Everything Tool Developer Louis Barclay

Yes, Facebook Finally Banned the Developer who Created the “Unfollow Everything” Tool Permanently

Facebook has forever barred developer Louis Barclay for building and distributing a browser extension called “Unfollow Everything”…

Facebook has finally taken the inevitable step of permanently removing developer Louis Barclay, who created a tool known as “Unfollow Everything.” Unsurprisingly, the social media giant wasn’t fond of the browser extension’s function, which basically wiped users’ News Feed clean. Since the company invests so much time and money to inundate users with content, this was going to happen at some point.

Facebook Permanently Bans ‘Unfollow Everything’ Tool Developer Louis Barclay

Although Facebook does allow users to unfollow friends, groups, and pages, removing their posts from the News Feed, this must be done manually and one at a time. Because the tool did this automatically, it violated Facebook’s terms of service and the company sent Barclay a cease-and-desist letter as a result. Barclay recently wrote in an article his experience when first trying out his own creation:

“I still remember the feeling of unfollowing everything for the first time. It was near-miraculous. I had lost nothing, since I could still see my favorite friends and groups by going to them directly. But I had gained a staggering amount of control. I was no longer tempted to scroll down an infinite feed of content. The time I spent on Facebook decreased dramatically. Overnight, my Facebook addiction became manageable.”

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