October 20, 2021
Facebook personal cause fundraising fee

Facebook Ditches Fees for Fundraisers for Personal Causes

The Facebook personal cause fundraising fee is no more, at least in the United States and Canada, but it’s not totally free…

Facebook just made yet another change to its platform. But this time, it’s not the News Feed or even how it interacts with third-party app permissions. This time, it’s benevolent. Today, the social network is dropping its platform fees for fundraisers pertaining to personal causes. 

Facebook Personal Cause Fundraising Fee Dropped

Previously, users who set up a personal cause fundraiser would pay 4.3 percent in the United States and 6.2 percent in Canada. The fees covered the social site’s review process to vet each donation solicitation campaign. But now, Facebook states it will absorb the cost going forward.

“We’re continuously learning and this was something we wanted to do to help people maximize the benefits,” Facebook’s Head of Product for Social Good, Asha Sharma, tells TechCrunch.

However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t costs involved. Payment processing and taxes remain due — amounting to 2.6 percent, plus .30¢ in the U.S., as well as Canada.

With the change, Facebook is now unveiling two new services. One gives people the option to match non-profit fundraiser donations. The other is an expansion of personal causes. Now, people can also raise money for travel (in relation to medical treatment or situations), family-related causes such as adoption, along with religious events and volunteer supply expenses.

Facebook still isn’t disclosing specific amounts raised through its fundraiser tools. But, the company does reveal it’s assisted more than 750,000 non-profits in collecting donations.