November 6, 2022
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Facebook Personal Updates Still Declining but Engagement Rising

While Facebook personal updates continue on a downward trend, user engagement is actually increasing on the world’s largest social media platform…

Social giant Facebook faces an unusual problem. The world’s most popular network, with 1.86 billion active users, is experiencing a duality. It’s a problem which came to light in April of last year. A report by The Information at the time, revealed a double-digit decline in “original” user sharing on the platform. However, engagement is on the rise.

Facebook Personal Updates Continue to Fall while Engagement Increases

From mid 2014 to mid 2015, original posts, containing text and photos, declined by 21 percent. Facebook set up a team to combat the phenomenon its calls “context collapse” or “original content broadcasting.”

As a result, the social entity rolled out status update background colors in December of last year. This followed its conspicuous blow up of short posts under 35 characters, which increase the font size from 14 to 24. (Posts under 40 characters generate the most user engagement.) Additionally, the company changed its News Feed post ranking factors to encourage more original user content.

Now, a new report from Mavrck shows the decline continues. The marketing platform studied over 25 million personal profile Facebook posts through 2016, finding a 29.49 percent decrease per user.

Facebook personal updates chart
Credit: Mavrck

Conversely, user engagement increased throughout last year, with a net annual growth of 26.06 percent. Engagement hit its highest levels of 2016 in July, November, with December capturing the most.

Facebook user engagement chart
Credit: Mavrck

On average, Facebook users posted fewer updates throughout 2016 but original posts enjoyed higher engagement. But, 2016 engagement decreased compared to 2015 by 15.14 percent year-over-year.

Recently, the Facebook weather section feature became a permanent menu item. Additionally, the company improved its image search capabilities with Lumos to better serve its users.

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