September 10, 2021
Facebook personal ad targeting

Soon, Facebook will Tell Users Who Uploaded their Contact Information for Personalized Ad Targeting

Facebook personalized ad targeting practices are about to change, as the social site will soon reveal who uploaded users’ contact info…

Among the myriad of scandals involving Facebook, one revolved around its targeted ad practices. Previously, users could see which brands were targeting them and why. Now, that’s set to change, starting February 28th of this year. 

Facebook Personalized Ad Targeting Details Disclosure Launches Soon

Back in March, TechCrunch reported Facebook planned to enact a new advertiser requirement — they must promise to have permission to upload phone numbers or email addresses for ad targeting. 

That particular policy went into effect in June of last year, although the social network did not provide a verification process.

Then in November, Facebook rolled out a new tool for marketing companies to specify who they were buying promotions “on behalf of.” Soon, that very information will also be accessible to users.

Beginning February 28th, the “Why am I seeing this?” button will contain additional details. These include brand who bought the promotion, a few biographical details related to targeting, and if the company uploaded users’ contact information.

It’s a big and welcome change. Finally, people will know more about which companies are targeting them on Facebook and why.

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