June 18, 2021
Facebook Photo Transfer Tool

Facebook’s Photo Transfer Tool is Now Open to More Users Around the World, including Europe, Latin America, and Africa

Facebook released a photo transfer tool in recent months to give users the ability to port over content to other platforms and now more people have access…

Back in December of last year, Facebook introduced a new data porting system in Ireland. The tool is something that many users have long wanted, a quick and easy way to move their pictures and videos over to another service — instead of having to various workarounds.

Facebook Photo Transfer Tool Expands to Users in Europe, Latin America, and Africa

A spokesperson for Facebook confirms to TechCrunch that the network is now rolling out its new data transfer tool to the United Kingdom, the rest of the European Union, along with additional countries throughout Latin America, as well as in Africa. (Facebook previously opened access to the tool in multiple markets in the Asian-Pacific region and Latin America.)

Where available, the new Facebook data transfer tool is located in the “Your Facebook Information” section of the site in the settings menu.

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