August 4, 2021
Facebook Portal Expands Group Video Calls to include Up to 50 Participants

Facebook Upgrades its Portal Hardware to Handle as Many as 50 People on a Single Video Call

Facebook has increased the number of people that can join in on a group video call on its Portal platform to include up to fifty individuals…

The world’s biggest social network has struck a new blow against its video calling competitors. Facebook states it’s expanded its Portal video hardware device to support up to fifty people for a single session. Previously, it limited the number of participants to only eight individuals.

Facebook Portal Expands Group Video Calls to include Up to 50 Participants

Facebook Portal can now host as many as fifty on a video call. Additionally, it now supports Messenger Rooms. The social network probably expanded Portal’s capabilities because such convenience was already available on rivals like Zoom, Skype, as well as Microsoft Teams.

Plus, there’s an option that allows participants to blur out the background. This helps others to focus on the person, rather than what’s going on behind him or her during the duration of the call. Facebook wrote on its Tech blog the following:

“Starting today, you can easily hang out with friends and family on video group calls with Messenger Rooms on Portal — shareable video chat links for up to 50 people make it easier to get together with others remotely. Host celebrations, gather a book club, or just hang out on the couch with friends. While in Messenger Rooms on Portal, you can entertain the crowd with AR effects and Story Time.”

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