November 7, 2022
Facebook Portal Workplace voice and video call support

Facebook is about to Bring Workplace Voice and Video Calls to its Portal Device

Facebook plans to bring Workplace, its productivity suite that looks more like a social network, to its Portal devices, with voice and video call support…

Facebook’s Portal has received mixed responses from the public and tech community. However, the social corporation’s foray into smart displays did garner much praise for its video calling capabilities (which of course, came with skepticism over its potential privacy issues).

Facebook Portal Workplace Voice and Video Call Support Announced

Nevertheless, Facebook continues its marketing push to persuade consumers to buy Portal devices. For instance, it’s introduced the hardware outside the US and continues to add support for news channels, recipes, and even games.

Next up is Workplace, Facebook’s version of Slack, a productivity suite. When it arrives, Workplace support on Facebook Portal will include voice and video calls.

It will leverage the existing tech with Portal, that is, being able to automatically pan and zoom, as well as adding live video caption.

Furthermore, it will feature the ability to send surveys and sport an option for administrators to post company guidelines and analytics. It will likewise have gamification elements, like goals, badges, and more.

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