June 15, 2021
Facebook Post Filters

Facebook Quitely Releases Profile ‘Post Filters’

Facebook Post Filters now appear on Profile pages, surfacing right under the status update box, with different sorting options…

Facebook sublty slipped a new option onto its platform. Called Facebook Post Filters, the sorting tool appears on the user Profile page. It’s right there under the familiar status update box (which now auto-populates with that odd Q&A feature).

Facebook Post Filters Spotted

As pictured below, it includes a Filters button, along with a Manage Posts link. Tapping the Filters icon launches an upward sliding screen from the bottom. The new Facebook Post Filters includes the following options: “Go To,” which allows users to choose a specific date, “Posted By,” which includes posts by user, “Others”, and “Anyone.” It also includes a toggle to only display “Tagged Posts.”

Facebook Post Filters

Everyone knows it’s a real pain to find a specific post on a Profile page. This helps to make it a more simplified process. 

The “Manage Posts” link is a little different. When it’s tapped, it brings up another page, containing all posts on a Profile. That page contains selection boxes, with three options: Hide from timeline, Remove tags, and Delete:

Facebook Post Filters manage link

This is a more convenient way to perform the same action simultaneously on several different posts.

At this time, it’s unclear how many users have access to the new Facebook Post Filters tool. However, it does appear on different Android devices running different iterations of the software. But, it’s not showing up on desktop.

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