January 14, 2022
Facebook post GIF button

Facebook Post GIF Button Spotted on Some Android Devices

A new Facebook post GIF button is appearing on some Android devices, though it’s uncertain which markets and mobile OSs are seeing the apparent test…

Facebook is apparently testing a new post GIF button, which pops up as the last option when a new status update begins. The button, a purple rectangle with white letter font, is the last of last of seven included options, behind Photo/Video, Go Live, Check In, Feeling/Activity/Sticker, Slideshow, and Tag Friends in vertical view. In horizontal, it appears last after the Check In, Feeling/Activity/Sticker, and Tag Friends icons.

Facebook Post GIF Button Showing Up on Some Android Devices

This was first spotted on version but some newer devices running version also include the GIF button. Testing on a variety of Android devices with these two versions yielded mixed results. Some sported the Facebook post GIF button, while others did not.

Facebook post GIF button 2

Here’s a look at a post with a GIF chosen from the available gallery:

The GIF gallery includes dozens of GIFs, all seemingly supported by Giphy. The Facebook post GIF gallery contains a wide variety of animations, ranging across different media.

Currently, the option does not appear on desktop for posting. But, already published GIF posts contain an arrow at the bottom left of the animation, which links to that particular file host. On mobile, tapping the GIF pauses and unpauses the animation.

Just last week, a new Facebook Messenger message thread share button started appearing on some mobile devices. The company continues to roll out new features to encourage users to share more original content in its ongoing fight against what Facebook calls “context collapse.” That phenomenon is a dichotomy of longer engagement times on the platform but less original content broadcasting or less personal organic sharing.

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