January 15, 2022
Facebook private comments

Facebook is Quietly Testing a Private Comments Option

Facebook private comments might soon become an option as the social network is currently testing the feature with a limited group of users…

Facebook private comments could roll out to the platforms users. But, for now, it’s only appearing to a small group, according to a news report by The Next Web. The world’s largest social site might introduce the feature, giving its users a key privacy setting.

Facebook Private Comments Test Spotted in Action

The test lets users lock down certain messages within a thread. It lets a user pre-select who can see replies and possibly more. Here’s a screenshot of it, denoted by a padlock icon:

Facebook private comments screenshot
Credit: The Next Web

Clicking on the padlock launches the security settings. These contain four different options: friends and post owner only, friends only, post owner and commenter only, and everyone else.

This would serve as a good step in the right direction. Particularly useful when someone wants to comment on a hot or controversial topic. With such a feature, users can share without being openly exposed. It’s also an ideal solution for things like surprise party planning.

At this time, it’s unclear if Facebook will adopt the tool for wide roll out. Or, if it’s just an experiment with no real potential of open release.

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